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hilltip strikesmart appHILLTIP’s NEW disinfection sprayer with 12V twin pumps and tanks is for IN & OUTDOOR use. The SprayStriker™ M series is manually towed and designed to go through all standard door widths down to 32”.

The sprayer unit is calibrated with the StrikeSmart™ App to ensure the best accuracy of flow and pressure to produce droplets as low as 30-50 microns. The SprayStriker™ M Series feature two hose reels, adjustable upper and lower spray bars with (2) sets of nozzles and two tanks to allow for separate liquids. Independent control of the spray bars and hose reels is achieved through a Bluetooth enabled Smart phone giving the operator maximum flexibility for the application.

The sprayer is mounted on a 3-wheel trolley and operates off a 12V battery with a 110V charger. Options for this machine include de-icing nozzles, work lights and Hilltip’s patented HTrack™ tracking system. Its compact design and adjustable spray bars make the SprayStriker™ 30M perfectly suited for schools, hospitals, shopping malls, terminals and other public buildings.


NEW Interior and exterior surface Sanitation & Disinfection Sprayer- Hilltip® Spraystriker™

Interior and exterior surface Sanitation & Disinfection Sprayer- Hilltip® Spraystriker™

Hilltip sanitation and disinfection electric sprayer

SprayStriker-M-Series Brochure

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