Accu-Fit Guardrail

Accu-Fit Guardrail

Accu-Fit Mobile Guardrail Systems represent the next generation of fall protection railings combining unparalleled safety, ease of installation and OSHA compliance with distinctive styling and appeal that not only compliments building architecture but will also satisfy the most discerning eye of clients and general public. The Accu-Fit Mobile Guardrail System offers clients upscale styling, clean sight lines, heavy-duty construction and greater flexibility in navigating rooftop obstacles all in a non-penetrating, free-standing design that will not compromise the roof membrane.

What makes the Accu-Fit Guardrail System different? To begin, sight lines are greatly enhanced with horizontal railing members that are spliced together to form a continuous railing profile throughout the installation. This gives the appearance that the railing system is an integral part of the building architecture. Accu-Fit also gives you three vertical stanchion options that support the horizontal railings each with its’ own unique design to further enhance the overall appearance of the finished installation. Add to that, heavy-duty construction with 1 ¼” schedule 40 galvanized pipe throughout, to provide robust durability far above standard requirements. And finally, your Accu-Fit installation would not be complete until you selected from a wide range of RAL powder coat finishes to match your building façade or brand image.

Look into the Accu-Fit Mobile GuardRail System and see if you are ready for the next generation of fall protection railings delivering a higher standard of form, function and style.



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