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Accu-fit Mobile Guardrail With Designer Curved Stanchions

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The Accu-Fit Mobile GuardRail System is an OSHA compliant passive fall-protection system. The Accu-Fit railing system is designed to be used at or around leading edge fall hazard areas to prevent workers from being exposed to the fall hazard itself. The Accu-Fit railing system is constructed with schedule 40 galvanized pipe and pipe fittings that form a continuous, uniform railing profile which provides pleasing sight lines to compliment building architecture. The Accu-Fit system is available in three upright stanchion configurations namely, straight and two curved profiles. All three of these stanchion options are supported in freestanding cast iron base plates which require no mechanical attachment to the roof. The Accu-Fit railing system can be thought of as an assemble-on-site railing package. The horizontal railing pipes are sold in 21 foot lengths and held in place on the stanchion with structural pipe fittings. At corners or termination points, the pipe is trimmed to size in the field for a precise fit, hence the name, Accu-Fit. Stanchions are pinned into the base, forming a ballasted railing system designed to meet OSHA fall protection standards. The Accu-Fit Mobile GuardRail System comes standard in a galvanized finish but may be ordered with a powder coat topcoat to match building facades.

Using the Accu-Fit Mobile Guardrail at Rooftop Perimeters:

On flat commercial roofs, OSHA states that there is no "safe distance" from the roof edge. This speaks volumes about just how hazardous these areas can be. But the reality is that access to the roof edge or close proximity to it is necessary at times. So what should you do? The best solution is to provide a barrier fall protection system between the fall hazard and the area where the worker is working, thereby surrounding them in an OSHA-compliant enclosure. In other words, isolate people from the hazard.

Barrier systems such as the Accu-Fit Mobile Guardrail System allow workers to go about their work without being tethered to an OSHA-compliant fixed or mobile anchorage device. This freedom of movement greatly increases worker productivity and takes the headache of worker compliance and training out of the equation. The Accu-Fit Mobile Guardrail System can be installed along entire roof perimeters, providing a comprehensive, 100% fall protection solution. Alternatively, it can be installed just around specific equipment or access points where people will be working.

How many different people access your roof to do maintenance or inspections? Probably more than you think. Our fall protection systems will give you peace of mind, knowing that the Accu-fit Mobile Guardrail System is always there, always protecting against the unthinkable.   

How to Request a Quote:

Large Installations: Let's say you have a building roof that is 250 feet x 350 feet. There is a lot of equipment on the roof, so enclosing the perimeter in a rectangle seems to be the best solution. The first step to consider is spacing of the base plates which is normally placed at 10 foot intervals. 10 feet is maximum spacing, however, any smaller spacing is also acceptable. The overall length of the building is 250 feet + 250 feet + 350 feet + 350 feet = 1200 linear feet. 120 base plates would be required with a 10 foot spacing. Each base plate requires a vertical stanchion therefore 120 stanchions are needed. The second step involves the horizontal pipe railings. Simply multiply the overall linear footage of 1200 feet x (2) to account for the upper and mid-rail railings which equals 2400 feet. The third step is to decide if you want traditional vertical pipe stanchions, architectural curved stanchions or the designer curved stanchions.  We will add the pins that hold the railings and base plates together. That's it! Don't worry about making a mistake; we will give you a drawing so you can see exactly how this lays out.

Small Installations: If you want to set up smaller sections, the process is very similar with one important difference. Let's assume you are setting up a 40 foot run around an air exchanger. This freestanding railing system must be properly counterbalanced to meet the OSHA fall protection standards. This will require adding (1) 5 foot return railing section on each end of the 40 foot run at 90 degrees from the leading edge thereby forming a large "U" shaped setup. The first step is to figure out how many base plates you need. You have a 40 foot run so you will need five base plates (0',10',20',30',40') for the leading edge. Then (1) 5 foot return railing is required for each end of the 40 foot run therefore (5 + 2) for a total of seven bases are required. Each base requires a stanchion, so seven stanchions are needed. The second step involves the horizontal pipe railings. Simply add up the overall linear footage (40 feet + 5 feet + 5 feet) equaling 50 feet and multiply x (2) to account for the upper and mid-rail railings which equals 100 feet. The third step is to decide if you want traditional vertical pipe stanchions, architectural curved stanchions or the designer curved stanchions. We will add the pins that hold the railings and base plates together. That's it! Don't worry about making a mistake; we will give you a drawing so you can see exactly how this lays out. 

Advantages of Accu-Fit Mobile Railings

  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection. Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.23 & 1926.500–1926.503.
  • Allows customized installation — railing sections provided in 21 foot lengths (or shorter if needed) to allow custom fabrication of guard rails in field for precise fit.
  • Railing will be 42" tall in the base. Constructed of 1 1/4" schedule 40 galvanized pipe secured with structural pipe fittings for heavy duty construction and continuous railing profiles for pleasing sight lines. Choice of vertical or curved stanchions.
  • Highly effective as OSHA compliant hazard barrier. Commonly used for rooftop fall protection, new building construction, mezzanines, in-plant guarding, and more.

Other Features of Our Safety Rail and Guardrail Systems

  • American Welding Society certified welders ensure the highest standard of quality construction.
  • Standard finish is galvanized or Powder coated safety yellow for visibility and high corrosion resistance. Other RAL colors also available.
  • Custom designs and engineering available.

OSHA citations for lack of fall protection are significant, but ultimately nothing compared to the human and financial cost of a workplace fall fatality. Let D1 Safety assist you in your fall protection planning.

Our sales staff and engineering department can assist you in specifying a complete plan for your fall protection issues. We will be happy to help determine the exact quantities and length of rail required for your project and present it to you in a detailed 3D CAD model — no charge. D1 Safety is here to make fall protection solutions safe, easy, and affordable. Call or email D1 Safety today!

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