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Mezzanine Systems


Guard Your Mezzanine

With every order being uniquely engineered and CAD modeled to fit your exact specifications, Safety Rail Co has made a name for itself by providing top quality safety rails and other products with great customer service—at a price that makes our competitors quake in their boots. The secret is in the design: Our bolt-together pieces make for much cheaper shipping and very easy assembly upon arrival; there is absolutely no welding or fabricating required on-site. Multiple surface options, including custom colors and galvanized finishes, mean that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for utility. Contact Safety Rail Company today for your complete quote on the best of USA manufacturing, certified by the American Welding Society.

About Us

D1 Safety distributes OSHA-compliant fall protection safety railings/ guard rail systems & Safety Solutions that are durable and innovative. The fall protection products we distribute are engineered first and foremost to save lives!

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  • 1-647-933-3663 (Ontario)
  • 1-403-510-9458 (West Coast)
  • 1-450-921-1453 (East Coast)
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