Roof Hatch Guards & Fixed Ladder Guarding

Roof Hatch Guards & Fixed Ladder Guarding

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Roof Hatch Railing Guards are your first line of defense against a fall through an open roof hatch and unguarded roof hatches are an OSHA violation. Rooftop roof hatches, scuttle hatches and stairway hatches all have one thing in common on flat roofs in that they all represent a significant fall hazard when left open. When workers are up on the roof the cover is commonly left open so the worker is not accidentally locked out of the building. This open door scenario also leaves a gaping hole in the roof through which workers can and do fall through often to disastrous consequences. Safety Rail Company addresses roof hatch safety by providing an OSHA compliant guard around the hatch. Our freestanding roof hatch guard slips right over the top of the roof hatch and compression fits up against the curb of the hatch. Non-penetrating design eliminates any holes in the roof and roof hatch. Our Roof Hatch guard also features grab bars for safe ingress/egress, a self-closing gate and a 2-foot safe landing zone for workers to safely enter and exit the roof hatch opening. A variety of sizes and finishes are available to meet your needs.


Fixed rooftop ladders extending up to the side of buildings represent a serious fall hazard if left unguarded. As workers ascend these ladders and step onto the roof, they are exposed to the leading edge of the roof on either side of the ladder. OSHA requires that all ladders have fall protection devices protecting personnel as they access the roof. Our LadderGuard Systems clamp onto the rails of the ladder and extend onto the roof thereby acting as a controlled access zone and protecting the worker from the fall hazard. With three options to choose from, all of these OSHA compliant ladder guarding systems are completely non-penetrating which means there are no holes in your roof. We also offer optional self-closing gates integrate perfectly with our Ladder Guard systems to control access into the ladder access area.

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