Roof Hatch Guards & Fixed Ladder Guarding

Fixed Ladder Guarding With Src 360 Mobile Safety Rail


The SRC 360 Ladder Guard System with Weighted Base Plates is a great way to provide safe passageway at fixed ladders on buildings.

This system uses many of the same components from our SRC 360 Mobile Railing System, and they integrate perfectly to allow extension of the railing protection outward or to the sides of this Ladder Guard system. Of course, the best part is that this system is non-penetrating and does not require mechanical attachment into the roof.

The railings of the basic system extend 7 1/2' onto the roof, providing a funneled passageway to keep workers from casually approaching the ladder from along the leading edge, thereby minimizing the fall hazard.

The SRC 360 Ladder Guard System with Weighted Base Plates system comes with (4) weighted base plates, (2) 7 1/2' side railings, and (4) ladder to rail spanner bars. An optional self-closing gate is also available. Powder-coated safety yellow finish is standard, with a wide variety of other RAL colors, galvanized finish, or even a combination of both available.


We recommend using the SRC 360 Ladder Guard System with Weighted Base Plates if you are already using our SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railing systems. This Ladder Guard system utilizes many of the same components as the Mobile Safety Railing, so for consistency it would make sense to use this system. If you would prefer not to handle the weighted base plates on your jobsite, then consider the LadderGuard Lite 7.5 or LadderGuard Lite 15 Fixed Ladder Guarding Systems.

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