Skylight Guarding

Skylight Guarding

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Skylight safety is one of the most often overlooked fall hazards on buidlings. Industrial and commercial skylights have long been architectural features that do everything from illuminating dark areas in industrial facilities to adding beauty and elegance to indoor commercial spaces. While function and beauty are important elements in a buildings’ design, without proper guarding skylights can pose a serious fall hazard risk often resulting in injury and fatalities. In fact, the hazard is so high that OSHA makes no distinction between an unguarded skylight and an open hole in the roof and therefore mandates that all skylights either must be rated for fall protection in their design or they must be covered with a protective guard that will prevent a fall through the skylight.

Skylights comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. To meet this variety, D1 Safety offers a wide range of protective skylight screens and guards that restore skylights back into OSHA compliance. Each guarding option comes with its own features and benefits to meet custom requirements often found on buildings. All of our products meet the appropriate standards and are made in the USA by AWS Certified Welders under strict quality control standards. 

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D1 Safety distributes OSHA-compliant fall protection safety railings/ guard rail systems & Safety Solutions that are durable and innovative. The fall protection products we distribute are engineered first and foremost to save lives!

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